WonderWorks: The Famous Upside Down House on International Drive

WonderWorks Orlando Florida
Anyone who has passed International Drive in Orlando is sure to be surprised by a huge house turned upside down, the WonderWorks. But have you ever stopped to think about what’s inside this house? Keep reading to find out!

For those who have never heard of it, WonderWorks is an interactive indoor park. There are 6 units of this park across the United States. The one in Orlando draws attention for being located on one of the most important and busiest avenues in the city.

Upon entering the WonderWorks house, you automatically venture into the story created for the park: that the place was actually a study center located in the Bermuda triangle where scientists from around the world were sent. However, after a strong hurricane, the house ended up being dragged and ended up upside down in the middle of Orlando!

WonderWorks Orlando has dozens of exciting interactive toys and games made for kids and adults to have fun together. The park is divided into 6 zones: Natural Disasters, Physical Challenge, Light & Sound, Space Discovery, Imagination Lab and Far Out Art Gallery.

One of the first attractions you find upon entering the park is the earthquake simulator called “Earthquake Cafe”, where you sit at a table and the ground starts to shake simulating a 5.3 earthquake on the Richter scale!

In “Hurricane Shack”, you’ll feel like you are in the middle of a hurricane with very strong winds. On “How Cold is It?” you get to experience how cold the sea water was at the time of the Titanic crash! Another interesting attraction at the WonderWorks Orlando park is the “Wonder Coaster”, where the visitor is invited to build a roller coaster on the computer and then test their creation.

WonderWorks Orlando also has dozens of smaller attractions, such as a bed full of nails where visitors are invited to lie down, a piano where the keys are on the floor, a room where you can make giant soap bubbles, various interactive games, and also some paid experiences.

For those looking to do something different in Orlando, WonderWorks is an option that will no doubt entertain kids for a few hours. For rainy days the park is the right choice, after all it is entirely indoor.

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