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Experience the Best of Orlando with My Park Tickets

universal park tickets

Orlando, Florida, is known as the world’s theme park capital. With so many different parks and attractions to choose from, it can be overwhelming to plan a trip. That’s where My Park Tickets comes in. We offer a wide variety of tickets to some of the best parks in Orlando, including Universal Park Tickets and […]

Roller Coasters: Choose Disney World This Spring Break!

Roller Coasters

Spring break is meant for fun. Since it is pretty short, the best you can do is take a breather from schoolwork and routine. It is a time to enjoy and gather fuel for the next school session. Eat good food, ride roller coasters, or take a vacation. This will get you to unwind and […]

Roller Coasters: Why You Should Visit Universal for Spring Break in 2022

Universal Roller Coasters

What are you doing this spring break? Instead of staying home all break, incorporate some fun into your break to help you unwind and rest your mind. Spring break does not have to be boring; rather, you can ensure that you fill it with fun activities. What is a fun break without roller coasters, a […]

Roller Coasters: Why You Should Visit SeaWorld This Spring Break

Roller Coasters

SeaWorld – Spring break is almost here. You want to decompress from the fast life with monotonous routines. Spring break is the time to enjoy and have some fun giving yourself a perfect break with a mix of rest and fun. Nothing beats an amusement park when it comes to fun and decompressing. Here is […]

Legoland Lines: How To Avoid Lines For Buying Legoland Tickets

Legoland Lines

Legoland is where you want your kids to live, or maybe settle for a visit. If you have creative kids who like playing with legos, you need to take them to Legoland. It will blow their minds. What’s better is that they can do so much more in Legoland, like play in the amazing water […]

Universal Studios & Island of Adventures Lines: The Lowdown on Cutting Lines!!

Universal Studios & Island of Adventures Lines

If you want to give your kids an unforgettable experience, then the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is your best bet. There are tons of rides and you can be sure that your family will have the time of their lives, and that you for it. The long Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure […]

Disney World Lines: How To Avoid Lines For Buying Tickets

Disney World Lines

Visiting Disney World is every child’s dream; even adults want to go to Disney World and relive their ideal childhood. Disney World is the perfect family destination, and your child will feel like they are living in a dream; seeing their favorite TV characters in real life. You want to go to Disney World and […]

Will SeaWorld’s New Roller Coasters Ride Be An Ice Breaker For 2022?

Roller coaster

The newest Roller coaster, Ice Breaker for SeaWorld Orlando, will be a thrill for seekers in February 2022. Although the attraction was supposed to kick off in 2020, it has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is finally here after a long wait. Brace yourself for an experience of a lifetime, a break […]

The Best Things to Do In Seaworld at Christmas

Seaworld at Christmas

Seaworld Orlando is offering the most magical Christmas gift to its guests. A whole day of fun with the Seaworld at Christmas Celebration! December 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd of 2021 will be days to remember. The whole park will be decorated with beautiful Christmas trees, SeaWorld’s Xmas lights, and decorations. There will be shows […]

What Are They Doing At Legoland For Christmas?


The Holiday season is here with us again, and a lot is happening at LEGOLAND. First, the LEGO Christmas tree is up. Christmas day at LEGOLAND will feature unforgettable shows, special treats, holiday characters, LEGO activities, and much more for everyone to enjoy the holiday season. So, here’s what you should expect at the park […]