The 5 Best Restaurants Near Disney World

Restaurants Near Disney

At the Walt Disney World Resort, there’s a great assortment of Disney-themed restaurants for guests to enjoy. Most of them are themed to make the whole meal an experience; most of the restaurants near Disney World are magical and kid-friendly, making them perfect for a family night out.

The 5 Best Disney-Themed Restaurants in Orlando

  1. Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace is at the magic kingdom. As one of the kid-friendly restaurants at Disney, there are a few reasons why people frequent it. For one, you will get to meet the whole Winnie the Pooh gang as you dine.

At Disney, you will easily find Tigger and Pooh, but Eeyore and Piglet aren’t that easy. At the Crystal Palace, though, you get them all in one place.

Now, other than that, the food is another excellent reason to visit the Crystal Palace. It is rated as one of the best restaurants for its breakfast lasagna, and because of how good it is, people say it should be part of everyone’s bucket list.

  1. Tusker House

The Tusker House restaurant is located in the Africa Section. It allows guests to meet all of the “Safari” versions of Disney characters.

It is one of the good date night restaurants available at Walt Disney. The food choices combine Indian, American, and African flavors for a delicious experience.

  1. The Garden Grill

This restaurant is found at the Land Pavilion and offers excellent American cuisine. However, the food is done with a twist, and as a Disney-themed restaurant, they offer a Chip and Dale experience and other friends.

You will enjoy your meal as the restaurant spins slowly, showing off all of the views of living in the land. The combination of characters, a show, good food, and just being at Disney makes this an unforgettable Walt Disney dining experience.

  1. Ohana

The Ohana restaurant is located at the Polynesian Village Resort and features two popular and distinct dining experiences.

First, they have an all-you-can-eat breakfast that features a visit from Lilo and Stitch, and then at dinner, you get to enjoy all you want from a wide variety of noodles, wings, and meat skewers. As one of the kid-friendly restaurants at Disney, there is much more for you to enjoy with your kids and loved ones.

  1. Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest Restaurant is at the Magic Kingdom. It is one of the many good date night restaurants at Disney. Be Our Guest offers a table service dinner option, where you can sit in the Grand Ballroom that’s nicely themed at the West Wing. You will dine together with the Castle Gallery or the Enchanted Rose.

Here, the gray stuff is pretty delicious, as is the rest of the food, and you may meet the beast after you are done with your dinner.

It is one of the hardest reservations to get at Walt Disney, and if you wish to dine with them, make your reservations early.

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