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FastPass Walt Disney World Resort
Do you believe that some people give up on visiting Disney Parks because they think the lines are endless and because they believe they won’t be able to enjoy any attraction? Well, it’s not like that! With Disney FastPass you can cut the line of some attractions! How? Keep reading to find out!

Disney FastPass is a must-have for everyone on a Orlando Park vacation. This benefit, completely free and available to all guests, was created by Disney to make visiting the parks more enjoyable and fun, significantly shortening the queue for attractions.

FastPass is nothing more than a kind of queue-cutter created to reduce confusion and wait at the most popular attractions in Disney Parks. Its main feature is to allow the scheduling of a time for a certain attraction so that guests can take a special queue, usually shorter than the traditional one.

Assuming you schedule a park attraction between 12:30 and 1:30, this is the maximum time you’ll lose standing in line. The common thing, however, is that those who use Disney FastPass have an average waiting time of 15 minutes.

Previously, the FastPass system was manual and the guest needed to go to one of the kiosks to be able to print theirs. Today, with the official My Disney Experience app, scheduling is completely online and can even be made in advance, as long as you have a valid ticket to the park!

Scheduling Disney FastPass through the My Disney Experience app is much easier and simpler than you might think. You just need to be aware of a few points:

– You can only book your FastPass after you have completed your ticket purchase;

– For anyone staying at any of the Disney hotels, FastPass scheduling is available 60 days prior to travel. For other guests, the appointment can be made 30 days in advance;

– It’s worth booking your FastPass in advance, especially at the most popular attractions;

– The maximum FastPass you can book in advance is for 3 attractions, that is, choose 1 Disney park and, within that park, 3 attractions that you would love to know. Schedule them for upcoming times. At the end of the third attraction, you’ll be able to schedule your next FastPass!

Remembering that Disney’s FastPass is completely free and the benefit is a right for all guests! Got any questions? Leave a comment, we’ll be very happy to help you!

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