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Discovery Cove Orlando

Discovery Cove is much more than a theme park: it’s an exclusive resort filled with animal experiences where you’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean. And the coolest? It’s all inclusive! Are you curious? Find out more about Discovery Cove now. 

A place unlike anything you’ve ever seen! This is Discovery Cove Orlando. There you won’t find extreme rides, adrenaline-filled attractions or queues! Discovery Cove is a true sanctuary for several species of marine animals and the ideal place for those looking for a day of rest in Orlando. 

Visiting Discovery Cove is like having an exclusive Orlando resort experience, as around 1000 visitors are allowed per day, making it very popular depending on the time of year. 

As the Discovery Cove Orlando ticket is all inclusive, those who spend the day at the resort are already guaranteed food – breakfast, lunch, snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks – diving clothes, masks and snorkels, lockers, towels, sunscreen eco-friendly and parking. 

Another interesting point about the Discovery Cove ticket is that, as the resort is part of the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment group, you can opt for a ticket that also serves as entrance to the SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens parks and save a lot with it! 

The tip for those who want to spend a pleasant day at Discovery Cove is to arrive early to be able to book the best time for the tours and enjoy breakfast, as the resort offers a complete and well-prepared meal.  The resort’s main attraction is the “Dolphin Swim”, an experience of just over 30 minutes where you can play, feed, swim and take pictures with the dolphins. Simply unmissable! 

In addition to the pools where the dolphin experience takes place, Discovery Cove offers several other really cool attractions. One of them is The Grand Reef, where you can swim with giant stingrays and lots of different species of fish! 

If you’re looking to relax, you’ll love the Wind-Away River, a gentle flowing river where you can take a dip or just enjoy the gentle sway of the water. The route has some caves along the way, which you can explore with your snorkel and diving mask.

There are still some attractions that you need to pay a separate price, in addition to the ticket price to enjoy, such as being a dolphin trainer, swimming with sharks, feeding stingrays and Sea Venture, where you have the opportunity to dive with an oxygen tank, even if you are not certified! 

Spending a day at the park is to relax and make the most of the contact with animals and nature. For those who want to get away from the rush of theme parks and outlets, this’s without a doubt the perfect place! 

Did you like to know a little more about Discovery Cove? You can buy your tickets at myparktickets.com for the best price on the market! Enjoy! 


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