Howl – O – Scream: SeaWorld’s new Halloween event

SeaWorld Orlando New Halloween Party

For the first time ever SeaWorld Orlando will host a nightly Halloween party! Until then, the park has always been home to Halloween Spooktacular, a candy-filled family event for kids of all ages. Now, in 2021, one more celebration will be added to your event list: the Howl – O – Scream, a scarier version of Halloween, recommended for adults. 

The Howl – O – Scream’s arrival in SeaWorld’s events calendar fills the demand for an evening event and adult affair that every visitor is sure to love! With this new addition, the park becomes Orlando’s first to offer a fun Halloween for families during the day, as well as nightly entertainment for horror lovers. 

When will the Howl – O – Scream take place? The event is scheduled to take place on 27 selected nights, from September 10th to October 31st, from 19:00 to 02:00. 

Do I need to pay a special ticket to attend the Howl – O – Scream event? Yes. The event is only for Howl – O – Scream special ticket holders. This means that if you want to spend the day at the park and enjoy the Halloween party at night, you will need to buy both the regular ticket and the event ticket. 

It is noteworthy that, on the days when the event takes place, the park closes earlier for those who do not have the special ticket for the Halloween party. So going to the park just for the event might be the best option, as long as you have another day to enjoy SeaWorld without the event. 

What will the Howl – O – Scream event be like? – SeaWorld’s Halloween event features haunted houses, fear zones, shows, interactive bars and the opportunity to ride roller coasters in the dark. 

The haunted houses are themed and really terrifying. If you like to be scared, then you will love it! Not to mention the fear zones dotted around the park: terror is everywhere and hauntings roam all over SeaWorld. You’ll never guess what you’ll find when you take the next step! 

Find out who’s behind all the terror plaguing the park in a vibrant, energetic musical dance show packed with special effects and DJs. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a complete visit to SeaWorld without the roller coasters, and it wouldn’t be Howl – O – Scream without an extra dose of terror. 

Visitors who accept the challenge are invited to participate in their favorite attractions in the dark. And, at the same time, enjoy some spooky surprises at the ghost’s favorite interactive bar!

Do you still have any doubts that SeaWorld Orlando’s Howl – O – Scream will be a big hit? 

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