Gatorland, The Alligator Park in Orlando

Gatorland Orlando Florida
Looking for a different tour to do in Orlando? How about visiting Gatorland: an exotic alligator theme park! For those who don’t know, the city of Orlando is known for housing several of these animals, and it’s not that uncommon to find them there.

Gatorland Orlando is packed with cool attractions for the whole family. In addition to the rides and shows that take place there every hour, you can also find dozens of huge alligators around the park, as well as giant turtles and various birds.

Gatorland has a daily schedule of shows with animal interaction with the audience. For example, at the “Gator Jumparoo Show” visitors have the opportunity to watch trainers feed the alligators! Really awesome!

In the show “Up Close Encounters”, some people from the audience are chosen to touch animals such as snakes, spiders and alligators. Would you have the courage?

The park also has several spaces dedicated to animals. At “Alligator Island” are the alligators. In the “Jungle Crocs” live several species of crocodiles. There is also a space entirely dedicated to birds, the “Bird Sanctuary”, where you can buy seeds to feed them. You can also find sheep, ducks, chickens and even deer at Gatorland Orlando!

So that families can make the most of their experience at Gatorland Orlando, the park offers the “Gatorland Express”, a train that runs throughout the entire park, even some reserved areas! It stops in front of the famous “Pearl’s Smokehouse” restaurant, where you can try alligator nuggets, a unique experience!

Gatorland is located a few minutes from the city of Orlando, but you can drive there: parking is free. It is also a great option for a tour on rainy days, as the entire path that visitors take through the park is covered!

Another interesting point of Gatorland is that you can take the children to enjoy the day, as there are several playgrounds and water attractions for the little ones, besides of course the animals that will surely leave them impressed!

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