Florida’s famous Springs

Florida’s famous Springs – Florida has much more to offer than just parks and beaches. The famous Springs can be visited to the north, just two hours away from Orlando. In fact, there are some even closer! These natural parks are really breathtaking.

First of all, it’s important to say that the best option for visiting the Springs is by renting a car. That way you’ll have more freedom to explore and enjoy everything in your time. Don’t worry: the roads are great and super safe! Now know a little more about some of them.

Blue Spring State Park This park is just 1 hour drive from Orlando. It has an excellent structure, with parking, dressing room, water equipment rental and convenience store. There you can kayak or float, go hiking and still swim peacefully with the manatees! An incredible experience! DeLeon Springs Just a 1-hour drive from Orlando, this park has a super complete infrastructure. There you’ll find the famous restaurant “The Old Sugar Mill”, where you prepare your own pancakes with the filling you want. At De Leon Springs it’s possible to swim, dive, fish, go boating, picnic and hike.

Silver Springs State Approximately 1 hour from Orlando you’ll also find Silver Springs State. Swimming isn’t permitted in these Springs, but you can rent kayaks and paddle across the complex of rivers and springs in the park. The most popular tour there is the glass bottom boat, where you’ll have the chance to see all the beauties hidden under the water. Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area This Spring is for those who love to appreciate nature, since there the structure is very simple. It’s a maximum of 1 hour from Orlando.

The visitor needs to bring his own snack, which he can eat at the picnic tables available in the park. But it’s worth knowing because the bathing areas are huge and the waters are super blue. Really incredible! Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park This park also functions as a zoo. It’s just over 1h40 from Orlando and has a very nice infrastructure, with several trails that lead to the animals.

Many of them are there in recovery and then will return to nature. It’s possible to visit manatees up close and learn a little more about them. It’s truly a sanctuary on Earth! These are just a few examples of Florida’s famous Springs that you can get to know on your next visit to Orlando. There are still many other options of equally amazing natural parks there, you just have to choose what you find most fun for you and your family!

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