Disney Park Pass System: How does it work?

Disney theme parks
The Disney Park Pass is the new reservation system for Disney theme parks. Exactly because it’s new, it has caused many doubts in many visitors. We’ll explain to you how this new Disney reservation system works so that you can easily plan your next visit. Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Disney created this reservation system in order to better manage movement in the park and promote greater physical distance between visitors. To enter a Disney theme park, all visitors aged 3 and over need, in addition to a valid ticket, a reservation, both for the same day. It’s important to remember that you can only reserve one park per day. If your ticket is the Annual Pass or you have the Park Hopper benefit, you can visit more than one park on the same day, but after 2 pm. If you do not already have a ticket, before purchasing it you should consult the availability of reservations for the theme parks. Reservations are limited. After checking the dates and choosing the ideal one for you, it’s time to find the ticket option that suits you best. Only after purchasing tickets you can make reservations. To make your reservations, just follow 4 simple steps: 1- Confirm that your ticket is linked to your Disney account; 2- When you start making the reservation, you’ll be asked to create a group with everyone who will go to the park with you. So all reservations will be made at the same time; 3- Choose the date and Disney theme park you would like to visit from among the available reservations; 4- Review carefully and confirm the park and the date you selected and that’s it! All done! A very important detail is that a reservation for the park must be made each day of entry. That is, if you have a multi-day ticket, you’ll need to make a reservation for each day of your visit. It’s recommended that you make your reservation for Disney parks as soon as you purchase your ticket, as availability may change until the reservation is finalized. Disney Park Pass reservations cannot be modified, but they can be canceled. If you want to cancel an existing reservation to make another one, first check the availability of dates and the park you want. The Disney Park Pass System was created for your safety. It’s not a complicated process, but it’s extremely necessary! Be sure to make your reservations: without them you won’t be able to enter any of the Disney theme parks. Looking for tickets to Orlando’s best parks? Visit https://www.myparktickets.com/ and find unmissable promotions!

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