Discover the All Day Dining Deal: the meal plan from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

All Day Dining SeaWorld Orlando Florida Best Prices

Discover the All Day Dining Deal: the meal plan from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

The park’s meal plans exist to make life easier for visitors, and can even be a source of savings. With them you can have the experience of visiting new restaurants and taste different meals. The All Day Dining Deal doesn’t have different types of plans and can be used by all visitors to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens without the need to stay in one of the hotels in the complex.

Oh, and it’s individual: each member of the family must have his own. As soon as you purchase the All Day Dining Deal, you receive an identification bracelet that entitles you to a starter or dessert, a main course and a drink at any of the participating restaurants. You can make as many meals as you like, choosing one or more items available, but always leaving an interval of 1 hour between them. This is really cool because, for example, if you have lunch half a day and choose a starter instead of dessert and have a full meal, in the next hour you can stop by a participating restaurant, grab a soda and a candy, without the main course if you don’t want to, and be delighted!

All restaurants with All Day Dining Deal are quick service style: they have no waiters, you order them yourself, pick up your food and sit at the table. But it’s very simple, you just need to choose your items, check at the cashier normally and, instead of paying, your bracelet code will be registered electronically. It’s very important to always be aware of the special pamphlet you will receive when you purchase the All Day Dining Deal, as it’ll contain all participating restaurants.

If you plan to arrive at the park in the morning and only leave at night, the All Day Dining Deal will be perfect, as you will be able to enjoy several different meals throughout the day, in addition to visiting several restaurants.

In that case, it’ll make your trip a lot easier! To purchase the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens All Day Dining Deal, you must have a valid entrance ticket. But this is very easy: accessing www.myparktickets.com/ you can buy your park ticket plus the All Day Dining Deal all at once and at prices you won’t find anywhere else! Enjoy!

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