7 Must-See Attractions at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando Attractions
SeaWorld is a park famous for its marine life and especially for its whale and dolphin shows. But, SeaWorld Orlando has plenty of amazing attractions for all ages. Emotion is not lacking there! 

Check out now 7 must-see attractions at SeaWorld Orlando: 

1- Manta Manta is considered by many to be the best roller coaster in the park. It is not the tallest, nor the longest. However, it has a differential that makes it unique: the fact that you do the entire route as if you were lying down! This is because this attraction seeks to imitate the movement of a stingray. 

2- Kraken Kraken is a roller coaster for those who are not afraid of adrenaline! In addition to not having footrests, she is one of the fastest, tallest and longest. The route is fast and full of turns and it still passes close to the water! Do you have the courage to face it? 

3- Journey to Atlantis Get ready to get wet! The Journey to Atlantis attraction is a roller coaster with a super high drop into the water, in addition to several extreme curves. Excellent for cooling off on the hottest days. 

4- Mako Mako is Orlando’s tallest and fastest roller coaster! It got its name from one of the fastest sharks that inhabit the ocean. This attraction is for those who are not afraid of high speed and like a lot of adrenaline. Unmissable! 

5- Shark Encounter Have you ever thought about being separated only by a glass of sharks and other various marine animals? This aquarium called the Shark Encounter is one of the most famous attractions at SeaWorld Orlando! You can’t miss it! 

6- Infinity Falls Infinity Falls is a new attraction at SeaWorld Orlando, perfect for those who like a lot of adventure and excitement. It is all inspired by the tropical forests of South America, full of animals and rivers. 

Surrounded by an incredible landscape, you will have an unprecedented experience as you pass through a wild river and see what is left of an ancient civilization. It does not stop there. After passing through rapids, you’ll ride an elevator no less than 40 feet tall and land in rafting style. Get ready to get really wet in Infinity Falls. It’s fun for the whole family!

7- Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin – The last attraction on our list will make you fall in love with penguins! This area of the park was the biggest investment in the entire history of the SeaWorld Orlando group. The attraction recreates the environment in which penguins live in Antarctica and you can see these cute animals up close. You will love it!  

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