5 Things You Must Eat At SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando Snacks
As you enjoy your day at SeaWorld watching the shows, having fun on the roller coasters and watching the park’s beautiful and fantastic animals, don’t forget to take a moment to sample some delights. 

My Park Tickets separated 5 delights that you can’t miss when visiting SeaWorld Orlando! 

1- Shamu Premium Ice Cream Bar When in doubt about which dessert to try in the park, try this classic! Just as Disney has Mickey ice cream, SeaWorld also has one with their favorite mascot! 

This fluffy ice cream by Shamu is vanilla topped with a delicious chocolate cone and a great choice for the hottest days. It can be found in several places in the park, both in outdoor carts and in small stores. 

2- Dippin Dots This SeaWorld ice cream with colorful dots is a favorite among visitors. There are hundreds of super cold and very tasty balls, which melt in the mouth offering incredible flavors. 

At SeaWorld you can find Dippin Dots of vanilla, tutti-frutti, chocolate, banana-split and a multitude of other flavors! You will be surprised! 

3- Shamu Brownie Sundae Since the weather in Orlando is usually quite hot, the third option on our list of delicacies for you to try at SeaWorld is also an ice cream! 

The Shamu Brownie Sundae consists of ice cream scoops, two large brownie slices, whipped cream, cherry and toppings of your choice: there’s sprinkles, chocolate, marshmallows, m&m and everything else you can imagine. You can find this delicious dessert at Sea Harbor Soft Serve, near Shamu’s Happy Harbor children’s area. 

4- Funnel Cake You can’t miss the Funnel Cake! This dessert, which you can also find at Disney parks, consists of fried dough with cinnamon and sugar, which can be accompanied by strawberry sauce and whipped cream. This delicacy is usually served warm and at SeaWorld you can find it at Captain Pete ́s! 

5- Caramel Popcorn SeaWorld’s caramel popcorn can’t be left out of your gastronomic tour through the park. You can find the gourmet version of this popcorn, served with whipped cream and m&m, during the Seven Seas Food Festival, which runs from February to April, and Electric Ocean, from May to September.

In the park’s stores you can find a simpler version of this caramel popcorn, which comes in a bag. No matter which version you choose, you are sure to fall in love with this delight! 

Did you like our list of SeaWorld delights? Is something you love missing? Tell us in the comments! 

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