5 Disney Secrets That Almost No One Knows

Walt Disney World Secrets
Visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is a dream for many people. Discover the attractions, take pictures with the characters, eat the delicious sweets in the park and, of course, try to discover some hidden secrets there. 

We’ve separated 5 of the millions of secrets spread throughout Walt Disney World for you to fall in love and be even more surprised by the most magical place in the world! 

1- Cinderella Castle has a secret suite If you thought that Disney’s iconic castle was just scenery, you’re wrong. On the fourth floor is a 60-square-metre super-hyper-ultra-VIP suite with two queen beds and a fireplace adorned with a Cinderella picture frame. In the bathroom, there is a huge bathtub and the ceiling has little stars that sparkle. 

Access is via an exclusive elevator, but the room is only used for special events and some celebrities. The suite was originally built for Walt Disney and his family, but he never had the privilege of sleeping there. 

2- The Disney’s Magic Kingdom has a network of secret tunnels You may never have noticed, but Disney’s most famous park – Disney’s Magic Kingdom – has a network of tunnels that connect its main attractions, making visitors not see what is not necessary. 

These secret tunnels have locker rooms, cafeterias, laundries, and offices for employees, as well as making it easy for characters to walk through the park. The tunnels, however, are not underground. They were built at ground level. It’s the park that is one level above! 

3- Character costumes are made manually Great care is needed when it comes to making costumes for the characters who walk through the park and make children and adults happy. 

All clothing is handcrafted and specific fabrics are used to ensure as much authenticity as possible for the characters. In fact, gold threads are used to give that extra shine! 

4- There’s a trash can every 30 steps It doesn’t matter which Walt Disney World park you’re in, or whether you’re at the entrance or somewhere farther away: you can count 30 steps and you’re sure to find a trash can. 

They say Walt Disney didn’t like how dirty the theme parks were. So he didn’t want people visiting his park to have to walk far before finding a garbage can.

5- The Tree of Life is an oil rig You probably know or have seen photos of Disney’s Animal Kingdom symbol, the Tree of Life. But did you know that underneath the 14-story, 15-meter-wide structure there is an oil rig? 

After much study, the park’s engineers came to the conclusion that this was the most efficient way to support the structure and avoid possible problems, since Florida is on the route of tornadoes. Also, the base needed to be big enough to house a theater with more than 400 seats! Impressive, isn’t it? 

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