10 Snacks You Need To Try At Orlando Parks

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Traveling to Orlando is much more than just visiting the theme parks, it can also be a delicious gastronomic adventure. We have separated a list of 10 snacks that you cannot miss on your trip to Orlando!

1- Turkey Leg (Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay)

If you’ve never been to Orlando, at least you’ve probably seen lots of pictures of this very peculiar food found in the parks.

It’s a giant turkey thigh that serves almost like a full meal!

Turkey Legs are easy to find on carts around the parks and are very popular with tourists. So much so that an average of 1.5 million units are sold per year!

2- Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar and Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich (Walt Disney World)

If you’re planning your trip to Orlando and have already shared the information with a friend, you’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t forget to eat Mickey’s ice cream” as a tip.

Disney’s main character-shaped ice cream – Mickey’s Ice Cream Sandwich – is a true ice cream-filled cookie sandwich. A delight!

3- Popcorn Bucket (All parks)

The bucket where the popcorn comes is beautiful, a real souvenir, and can be found in any of the parks. And the best part is that, in addition to being big enough for the family or a group of friends, after you buy it you will have a popcorn refill for the whole day and for other park days, paying much less next time.

4- Hot Dog Casey’s Corner (Disney’s Magic Kingdom)

Although hot dogs are a very easy food to be found in the parks, none compare to the one sold at Casey’s Corner, located at the end of Main Street in Disney’s Magic Kingdom park. There you will find typical versions of American hot dogs and our tip is the Barbecue Slaw Dog which, in addition to sausage, brings pulled pork, coleslaw salad and barbecue sauce.

5- Corn Dog/Corn Dog Nuggets (Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort)

Corn Dog, which is nothing more than a sausage breaded on a stick with a corn dough, can be found on carts dotted around Disney and Universal parks. Corn Dog Nuggets, sold at Casey’s Corner, brings a cup full of sausages, also breaded, but in a mini version. Both snacks are delicious!

6- Funnel Cake (Walt Disney World)

Funnel Cake is not that popular among Brazilians, but Americans who visit the parks love it. There are even those who say that it is Disney’s best candy after tasting it. The dish has a kind of frosted rain cake, which can be strawberry, whipped cream, sugar, chocolate or ice cream. Coverage options usually change depending on the park, so it’s worth trying out different combinations. You will not regret it!

7- Buttered Beer (Universal Orlando Resort)

It’s completely impossible to walk past the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Parks and not experience this classic recreated from the movies. Butterbeers can be found on carts in the parks or in restaurants, and you can even choose between the regular glass, which is cheaper, and the souvenir mug.

8- Pineapple Dole Whip (Walt Disney World)

This ice cream is a true tradition in the item “Disney treats”. The Pineapple Dole Whip is super refreshing, made with vanilla, pineapple or orange ice cream, and underneath it a pineapple juice. In addition to being traditional at the park, it’s also a Hawaiian classic.

9 – Candy Apples (All parks)

Orlando parks famous candy apples are a really must-see treat. They can be found in several versions. At HoneyDukes, for example – the famous candy store in the world of Harry Potter on the Island of Adventure -, is one of the most delicious: green apple wrapped in caramel, chocolate and chestnuts!

There are also options with M&M’s, marshmallow and others. Can’t resist!

10 – Dippin’ Dots (SeaWorld Orlando)

This SeaWorld colored ice cream is a favorite with SeaWorld visitors. There are hundreds of super cold and very tasty balls that melt in your mouth offering incredible flavors.

At SeaWorld you can find Dippin Dots of vanilla, tutti-frutti, chocolate, banana-split and a multitude of other flavors! You will be surprised!

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